Did you know that fees are waived this weekend on all of America’s National Parks? Share this photo of Rocky Mountain National Park to help spread the word!

Photo: Pat Gaines


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Here they come… welcome the first bison calves of 2014 to the National Bison Range Refuge in Montana! Weighing in at 40-50 pounds, these wee ones will stay red for a few months before turning brown. By the time we see them at the annual roundup in October, most will weigh between 250-350 pounds.

Photo: USFWS


We don’t know where Imgur user TryAnotherPiece works, but that’s not important. What really matters is that for their coworker’s last day of work they made this incredibly awesome farewell cake. Nothing says “So long and good luck!” quite like zombies, severed body parts, and lots and lots of chocolate.

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